Instruction and pricing

Easy to use

·        There is no need to register
·        The photos can be used in layout plans
·        The photos are roughly divided by ten different albums.
·        The photos can be found best with Search –handle (in finnish = haku), which is located in the right side of the highest menu line.
·        The photos can be found with finnish, partly with scientific words, and also with entries and word parts.
·        The search will get more exact by using many entries, making space between the words (for example tetrao urogallus talvi).
·        By clicking the photo it will get bigger and there will be information about the photo. The entries under the photos are links to the new sugjects.
·        The interesting photos can be made as collections by clicking My Favorites –handle.

The Chosen Photos

The orderer gets photos by informing the photo number by mail to:  or calling +358405317064.

The ordered photos will be send by mail in RGB-colours and JPG-packed, with the size prearranged.


The price is determined by:
– the use of the photo
– the size and the placement
– the circulation of the publication

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